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Therapeutic & Reflective Writing

When I first began holding programmes on Therapeutic & Reflective Writing from my home, I did not imagine how every individual would in their own unique way, become part of a very special society.  

I think it was inevitable really, as those of us who are drawn towards writing as a means of expression, reflection and personal growth, create a natural bond with one another. We share a desire to live our lives in the best possible way, and we appreciate writing as a process for gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationships with others and our purpose. Therefore, whether we meet in person in Kilmorna House or online, we become part of a like-minded community which is warm, trusting, supportive and interconnected. 

I welcome each new member to Kilmorna House, and look forward to visits from members, old and new … I always have time for a cup of tea or a glass of wine in the garden! 

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